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Dec 8, 2013 7:30am PST
at the current conditions in the 30s, even 20s in some spots. santa rosa is 27. today everybody has been waiting for the seattle seahawks verses 49ers, big rivalry. 1:25 kick off. it will ezra rapport... director of association of bay area governments... thank you. >>> how much of the growth is driven by affordable housing? >> i wish it was more affordable housing available in the bay area. it's a real crisis when we get big economic growth and don't have enough housing to supply for the multiplier effect, the spin off of jobs that occurs when this industry expands. >> when i go to meetings where we talk about future and planning first i hear about set asides for low income. we're building more and more low income or affordable housing as they call it and high income housing but the people in the middle don't qualify for the low income and can't afford the high. they're the ones feeling the biggest squeeze. >> that's why we need to have a big expansion of multi family housing to provide that type of rent and ownership structure. >> why is it so hard to get that going? >> almost all oh sights in
Dec 8, 2013 8:30am PST
. later today we can hope for 47 in santa rough san -- santa rosa. >>> e cigarettes are healthier but many places are not buying e cigarettes. it's illegal to smoke at any public place. that didn't include the so- called e cigarettes. that delivers nicotine. >> e seg -- e cigarette smoke is still dangerous. >>reporter: they added e cigarettes to the smoking restriction. >> the ownersson -- owners son of a smoke shop said he was able to stop smoking. >> i'm down to 0. all i am doing is getting the flavor. >> the manufactures said it's not fair to associate that with their problem. >> it's pharmaceutical grade nicotine. when those chemicals react to the heat it turns into water via pour -- vapor. >>reporter: he said he doesn't sell much toe -- tay tobacco any more. >> the -- scientist said there are detectable amounts of substances that get inside people. that's enough for me. >> the ban gets another reading next month before it will take effect. >>> have you every wanted to create a sound track for a moment in your life. we have the snip it act. you can snip 4 to 10 second of a song and ma
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2